Kingdom Community Builder

Phase 1: Proclaim the Kingdom Community

Proclaim the Kingdom Community

🔻Kingdom + Community = Kingdom Community

🔻Kingdom: the King’s Domain


  • Home Communities: towns, suburbs, city areas, high rise complexes, etc.
  • Work Communities: companies, shops, factories, farms, airports, etc.
  • Study Communities: schools, colleges, universities, etc.
  • Travel Communities: taxis, busses, suburban trains, biker gangs, etc.
  • Other Communities: sport clubs, interest groups, etc.

🔻The ULTIMATE goal of Define the Domain is to define every community globally.

Phase 2: Cover in Prayer

🔻Prayer meetings, prayer walks and prayer chains are launched.

  • Prayer walks cover all streets and every area in the community.  
  • The foundation of our prayer – based on Mat. 6:10 – is to pray that the Kingdom of God will be established in this community as it is in heaven. 
  • Prayer is Spirit-led and Word-based.

🔻The ULTIMATE goal of Cover in Prayer is to cover every community globally in prayer.

Phase 3: Find the Key Person

🔻The Key Person is the man or woman of peace in that community.

  • The Key Person has a great love for God and for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.
  • The Key Person has a great heart to see his community blessed and transformed.
  • The Key Person is respected by his community.  His life testifies of his walk with God.

🔻Once we have identified the Key Person, we start training and preparing him for the coming Kingdom Community  and for the next phase, which is to Build the Core Group.

🔻The ULTIMATE goal of Find the Key Person is to find a key person in every community globally.

Phase 4: Build the Core Group

🔻The Core Group establishes Worship, Prayer, Word, Fellowship and Vision in the community.

🔻The Kingdom Global DNA is established in the Core Group:

  • IDENTITY – Who? – Who is Christ? =>Who is Christ in me? => Who am I in Christ?
  • MOTIVES – Why? – Why do we do? =>God loves us =>We love God =>We love people.
  • VISION – What? – What is our main goal? =>Advancing the Kingdom Globally
  • STRATEGY – How? – How do we realize the vision? => ENTER=>ESTABLISH=>MULTIPLY
  • VALUES – In what atmosphere do we operate? => LOVE=>HOPE=>FAITH

🔻The ULTIMATE goal of Build the Core Group is to build a core group in every community globally.

Phase 5: Launch Kingdom Multiplication

🔻In the Kingdom Multiplication phase, Evangelism, Discipleship and Kingdom Expansion are launched through the establishing and multiplication of KINGDOM GROUPS.

🔻KINGDOM GROUPS are 6 member discipleship groups that multiply every 3 months into two Kingdom Groups of 3 people.

  • Month 1: ENTER into the Kingdom – Evangelism focus – Maximum salvations – Kingdom Group: 3->6
  • Month 2: ESTABLISH – Discipleship focus – Maximum spiritual growth – Kingdom Group: 6->6 established
  • Month 3: MULTIPLY – Ministry focus – Maximum readiness for multiplication – Kingdom Group: 6->3+3

🔻The one year, 12 module, 144 session Kingdom Track – with Foundation, Character and Ministry pillars – synchronizes with the Kingdom Groups.

🔻Ideal Kingdom Group Multiplication – if one Six Member Kingdom Group ideally multiplies over 4 years (48 quarters), then:

Y1Q1-4: 6-12-24-48, Y2Q1-4: 96-192-384-768, Y3Q1-4: 1,500-3,000-6,000-12,000, Y4Q1-4: 24,000-48,000-96,000-192,000

🔻The ULTIMATE goal of Launch Kingdom Multiplication is to make nations globally disciples of Jesus Christ.

Phase 6: Establish the Kingdom Community

🔻A fully functioning Kingdom Community is established when a wide spectrum of Kingdom Verticals is imparted into the Kingdom Community.  

  • Examples of Kingdom Verticals are Kingdom Global Worship, Kingdom Global Prophecy, Kingdom Business Connect and Kingdom Global Equip, Kingdom Global Health, Kingdom Global Educate, Kingdom Global Evangelism, Kingdom Global Multiply and Kingdom Global Glory2Glory

🔻A Kingdom Community is a Kingdom Advancing community church FOR the people and BY the people, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  • Leadership comes from the local community.  The role of the Kingdom Global Group leadership is to equip, assist and oversee the Kingdom Communities globally.
  • Finances:  the Kingdom Community makes all decisions about their finances.  At least 10% of the Kingdom Community’s finances is used by them for Kingdom Advancing in New Communities.

🔻The ULTIMATE goal of Establish the Kingdom Community is to see every community globally transformed into a Kingdom Community.

Phase 7: Proclaim New Kingdom Communities

🔻Kingdom Communities constantly target new communities for Kingdom Advancing.  

  • The same strategy is followed: the Kingdom Community Defines New Communities, Cover them in Prayer, Find a Key Person, Build the Core Group, Launch Kingdom Multiplication, establish the New Kingdom Community and help them to again Target New Communities.
  • New Kingdom Communities started by a Kingdom Community usually become part of the direct network of that specific Kingdom Community.

🔻The ULTIMATE goal of Target New Communities is for Kingdom Communities globally targeting new communities to be transformed into Kingdom Communities.