Kingdom Transmission is the full array of channels and platforms that serve as channels to get created Kingdom content to the multitudes in the nations.

Transmission channels firstly include all internet related channels, including social media, news channels, websites, search engines and mobile applications. Secondly it includes all traditional media platforms like radio, television, newspapers, printed media, billboards, clothing and consumable products packaging, like breakfast cereal boxes and shopping bags.

Social media plays a priority role. Kingdom transmission has to be present on ALL social media platforms and communication services, for example Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, vKontakte, Kakao, Line, FireChat and LinkedIn.

Television and radio are still very important transmission channels that will be with us until data becomes available and affordable to all.

The Kingdom Global Group connects with all transmission channels through the Kingdom Global Matrix – the KGX. The KGX is pro-actively developed to become a universal and unique global Kingdom communications platform. 

The KGX is built and managed by the Kingdom Advancers, highly dedicated men and women  who will eventually come from every every nation in the world.

The mandate of the KGX is unique: it is both global and local – connecting Christians and Kingdom Communities in nations globally.

The task of building the KGX requires divine wisdom, leadership, management and innovation. At the heart of the KGX is the creation of virtual Kingdom Communities globally – an estimated 3-4 million communities. These virtual Kingdom Communities create a platform for the establishing of physical Kingdom Communities in communities globally.

Kingdom Community Creation is based on the seven phase KG strategy for Kingdom Advancing. 

The KGX is built around the principles of Kingdom Verticals and Kingdom Horizontals. Where Kingdom Verticals and Horizontals meet, the Kingdom Matrix (KGX) is formed.

All transmission contributes to Kingdom Advancing, fruit bearing, divine blessing, community transformation and ultimately, the glory of God.

Kingdom Global is working with passion and 100% commitment to eventually establish a global virtual ecosystem, deploying new technology and innovation.