Distribution is all about delivering produced Content via a specific Transmission channel to a precious human being.

Distribution needs to be fast and effective. In case of mass Distribution, processes need to be automated. In other cases, Distribution will be personalized by being delivered in person to an individual.


A ministry session recorded at home (GENERATION) is uploaded (DISTRIBUTION) to YouTube and linked to the KGX (TRANSMISSION). The link is then forwarded to Facebook and WhatsApp groups (DISTRIBUTION).

Daily Holy Spirit Word Ministry (GENERATION) is broadcasted (DISTRIBUTION) through various TV and Radio stations (TRANSMISSION).

A major Kingdom Project (GENERATION) is presented to investors (DISTRIBUTION) by flying to Singapore (TRANSMISSION).

Integrated Distribution is where content is distributed at the same time via various Transmission channels. For example, a ministry sesion is sent out by the click of a button on the KGX to multiple Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram channels.

All Distribution is fully focused on Kingdom Advancing, fruit bearing, divine blessing, community transformation and ultimately, the glory of God.