Food Security for all is our corporate responsibility

Almost one billion people worldwide suffer from chronic undernourishment. 45% of all child deaths are a result of undernourishment. Critical deficiencies of three essential micronutrients – iron, vitamin A and iodine – are causing severe health problems in people.

Hunger causes poverty and poverty causes even worse hunger. We simply cannot allow this situation to continue. The cycle has to be broken.

Kingdom Global Food focuses on the implementation of sustainable solutions for food production. Our conviction is that successful food production needs to be decentralized, community based  and profitable.

KG Food serves as an aggregator of solutions for food production. This includes new farming methods, innovative training techniques and nextgen micro financing and commercial farming funding models. 

The more solutions we have in the KGX, the more we can together package them to create seamless, effective and dynamic working models.

If you have been entrusted with a solution and you have the vision, passion and perseverance to turn your dream into reality, we would like to talk to you.

Together for global food security.