Kingdom Global
South Africa

Establishing a Kingdom Community in every community in South Africa

The specific goal of Kingdom Global South Africa (KGSA) is to see the Kingdom of God established in every single community in South Africa.

This will happen by the grace of God, through the Holy Spirit and by churches, organizations, Kingdom Companies and Christians across the nation taking hands to see the prayer of Jesus in Mat. 6:10 fulfilled:

“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

We are calling every Christian in South Africa to take hands as One Family with One Mission in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us now take hands across our nation to see every city, town, village, school, university, farm, factory and company transformed into a KINGDOM COMMUNITY.

Your unique gifting, calling and capabilities are needed to see the love, peace, power, presence and glory of God fill our nation.

Together in Christ.
Together in the Kingdom.
Together now and forever.

Advancing the Kingdom in Every Community in South Africa

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