CCN is a countrywide Community Care Network, uniting a wide spectrum of people, companies and organizations. The goal of CCN is to mobilize people and resources to build our communities into STRONG, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS communities.
CCN is ultimately a national movement of visionary COMMUNITY TRANSFORMERS who deeply believe in a living hope and a bright future for every community in South Africa.
The CCN Communications and Informational Platform (CIP) deploys more than 4500 community based groups – at least one group for every single ward of every municipality in South Africa. These groups are accessed via Facebook and are built for all members of the community: men, women, young, old, South African and foreigner. The CCN CIP integrates with the KGX, a global dynamic platform for community transformation.
Here we highlight a few of the key functions of the CCN ecosystem: 
CCN communicates official information from government and trusted top private structures. This information will empower you to make informed decisions to protect and build your family and community.  CCN interacts closely with local, regional and national media agencies, to ensure that relevant, accurate and timely information is always delivered to you.
CCN facilitates communication between members and key entities of the community and national public and private organizations. Quality communication empowers education, business, increasing quality of life and community building. 
The CCN CIP strengthens the voice of the community – we make sure that you are heard. We assist you by facilitating communication to respond to emergencies. We empower you by communicating new opportunities to grow and prosper you and your family.
CCN mobilizes people, resources and organizations to execute programs and projects in communities. The CCN mobilization strategy centres around the vision of creating healthy, strong and prosperous communities and ultimately, creating Kingdom Communities.
CCN integrates with the KGX, a global platform linking South African communities with people and opportunities in countries globally. Exciting new relationships will be forged with people and entities in countries like Singapore, India, USA, Ghana and Russia. These relationships often result in the creation of mutual value and progress in diverse areas like innovation, collaboration, trade, strategic partnerships and even investment.
The most precious assets of a community is its people. When we develop the people, we develop the community. CCN provides multiple opportunities for people to grow, be trained, qualified and equipped. We guide you to great success and fruitfulness, culminating in the fulfillment of your destiny in life.
Exceptional THINKING leads to exceptional BEHAVIOUR which leads to exceptional RESULTS. CCN provides training and guidance to those individuals who truly desire to become exceptional. Visit the KGX for more information.
Dear friend, once again WELCOME to your CCN community. Assist your fellow community members to join their CCN Community group.
Together we will grow. 
Together we will build our communities. 
Together we will build South Africa.
Building our Communities Together