Welcome to the CCN
Community Care Network

Dear friend, you have arrived in a world of endless opportunity and possibilities. CCN empowers you and your community to grow and prosper. 

Go and explore!

Dear friend, welcome to the Community Care Network!

You have now arrived in a world of endless opportunities and possibilities. You have come to a place of promise and hope.


Great potential resides inside you. We are here to give you the keys to unlock it all. CCN is here for you.

It is time to thrive.  It is time to build. It is time to rise up to live your dream. It is time to focus, to give your all, to break through all the barriers of what you thought was possible.

There are no limitation to the person YOU can become.
There are no limitation to the communities we can build.

Yet alone you can not do it. Together we are strong. United we stand.  We need to be trained. We need wisdom and support. We need one another.


On the CCN platform we will provide you with an ever-growing list of services and opportunities to GROW, THRIVE and PROSPER.

It will be up to you to get up, focus and give your all. We provide the platform, the training and the tools. You have to take it and run with it. You have to persevere, no matter how hard it is.

Rise early. Seize the day. Ignore the doubters. Take hands with the exceptional ones. Dream, plan and execute.

CCN empowers you and your community to grow and prosper. We truly care for our community – therefore we BUILD it.

Caring is Building.
Building is Caring.

The more you GIVE, the more you RECEIVE.
The more you LOVE, the more you are LOVED.

CCN empowers the community to become strong together. Our list of services and opportunities continues to grow to MOBILIZE you, TRAIN you and LAUNCH you into the fullness of your destiny.

We are driven by a passionate vision to see every community in our nation transformed into a healthy, strong and prosperous community.

CCN is a network of communities and private and public entities from across the country. Each CCN Ward Group is linked to 4500 similar CCN Ward Groups countrywide.

CCN exists to mobilize and empower the community to care for its people. Our immediate goal is to address the critical needs of the community during the current crisis. The long term goal is to build up the community into a healthy, strong and prosperous community.

We deeply believe that every human being should be safe, healthy and prosper in all his ways. We also believe in the tremendous potential in people to love, care, build and grow. When the community stands together to care for one another and build itself up, it becomes a healthy, strong and prosperous community. CCN exists to unleash that potential in every community.

We do it because we truly love and care for you.

The short term goal is to mobilize communities, organizations and resources to address the current crisis. CCN empowers the community by giving it a voice – on our platform you can let us know that you are hungry or that there is sickness or trouble in your community. We also communicate important information from public and private entities to you.

The long term vision is to build healthy, strong and prosperous communities across South Africa. Communities that are great to live in. Communities that are great to work in. Communities full of happiness, laughter and opportunity for all.

We bring a multiple and always growing list of services and opportunities to you. Everything is designed to make you and your community grow and prosper. That list you will find in the KGX.

When you embrace them and commit to walk in them for life, you and your community start to change, grow and transform.

CCN provides you with the platform to walk into a NEW Life – a life of love, purpose and building up others.

South Africa’s time has come. The grace of God is abundant towards our nation. Let us receive it, walk in it and make it count for eternity.

ACCESS international opportunities on the KGX. Never stop navigating into new territories.

Go and explore!