CCN Moderators

The Assignment of the CCN Moderator

The CCN Moderator is a person of good reputation, integrity and solid character. Members of the community know and trust him or her.

The CCN Moderator serves his community out of a heart of deep love and care for his community. He is a person of hope, bringing life, light and encouragement wherever he goes.

The CCN Moderator is a team builder. Teamwork makes the dream work. A multi-faceted, multi-dimensional team connects with different segments of the community to care for his people and to build them up.

The CCN Moderator is himself a team player; working closely with other Moderators and functions within the KGX ecosystem.


(A)Mobilize a 5 member CCN Core Team (CCT)

(B)Build an ever-growing CCN Team from members of the community, assigning a specific responsibility to EVERY member of the team.

(B)Present CCN to all relevant public and private entities in the ward. CCN leadership will assist where needed. Ensure and record the buy-in and endorsement of those entities. Endorsements are displayed on the CCN FB group.

(C)Present CCN to local media agencies – arrange interviews and issue press releases.

(D)Facilitate smooth sign-up of all members of the community. Respond rapidly to any issues, questions or concerns among community members.


(A)Post all official CCN communication to your CCN Ward Group. All official CCN communication will be posted in the CCN OPS Room.

(B)Handle all posts to your ward group:

▶️ Approve posts relevant to your ward

▶️ Reject all irrelevant, false, racist, sensational, etc. posts. People from all backgrounds, ages, beliefs and both genders are treated with the greatest respect.

▶️ Report posts that need urgent attention

▶️ Follow up on posts of people or entities that can add more value to your community. Your goal is to constantly build your CCN Team from your community, so always be on the lookout for people of exceptional character, commitment and ability (in that order).

(C)Continue to constantly communicate with the local media via interviews and press releases. Include as many as possible local members of the community for testimonials. STAY IN THE NEWS with GOOD NEWS.

(D)Communicate any suggestions, issues or concerns to the CCN Leadership. We operate in a spirit of creativity and innovation, so be bold to share your thoughts. Together we learn, together we build, together we grow.


(A)Coordinate any community care projects, ensuring that projects are relevant, effective, focused, timely and transparent.

▶️ LEAD humbly and boldly where strong leadership is required. Be proactive and inclusive, continuing to communicate the CCN DNA (Identity, Motive, Vision, Strategy and Values) to all involved.

▶️ ASSIST, ENDORSE and ENCOURAGE if you observe healthy and strong leadership in the project.

▶️ INTERVENE and REPORT where corruption or stubborn incompetence is observed. This country and its people have suffered enough from wasted time and resources. Be sure to deploy this action responsibly with the support of the CCN leadership and only after thorough consultation with them.

The successful CCN Moderator could eventually be invited to become a CCN Community Builder (CCB). The Community Builder focuses on the long term health of his or her community.